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Arduo File Splitter 1.2

Allows you to split your large files or folders and then merge the parts again
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Arduo File Splitter allows you to split your large files or folders and then merge the parts again. It includes comparison functions that help you to make sure that the source and the merged files are identical. The program can generate MD5 check files for your part files, and includes a function for you to check if every single part is error free.

The program's visual design is a bit rough and uncolored. It allows you to access all its functions through five tabs - Split, Split folder, Merge, Compare, and Check hashes. The "Split" and "Split folder" tabs are very similar - they allow you to select a file or a folder (respectively), the size of every part, an optional MD5 check file, and to start the splitting process. You can select the part size from a list of predefined common values, or you can specify a customized size in Kilobytes, Megabytes, or Gigabytes. On the "Merge" tab you need to choose the folder containing all the previously generated parts and an output folder, and then click to reconstruct the original large file.

The "Compare" tab allows you to select two files (i.e., your original untouched file and the reconstructed one) to check if they are indeed identical. You can choose the compare method as well - by file size (quick) or by MD5 hash (slow). Finally, the "Check hashes" tab allows you to select the MD5 check file generated in the "Split" or "Split folder" tabs needed to analyze every individual part file (which needs to be in the same folder as the MD5 check file). The program will then show you if the MD5 comparison for each part file is correct or not.

In conclusion, Arduo File Splitter may be a very good option in case you need to carry or send very large files or folders via the Internet. However, in order to do this you will need to install the program on the destination PC, too. To avoid this, there is a portable version of the program you could also use.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Allows you to split not only files, but also folders
  • Capable of creating a MD5 check file to test the integrity of every single part file
  • Allows you either to select the size of the part from a list of fixed values or to define your own
  • Includes a function to compare the original and the reconstructed files to ensure that they are identical


  • Rough and uncolored visual design
  • This version of the program is not portable
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